In fashion stores or in everyday life, clothes hangers are indispensable. Using hangers will help keep clothes from wrinkling or slipping when drying and save storage space. Because of high demand, there are many lines of clothes hangers on the market today for consumers to choose from. Among them, clothes hangers with clips are the most popular. With this article, let’s learn with ATT about the advantages and some things to keep in mind when buying clothes hangers with clips!

Need for using clothes hangers with clips

Among the lines of hangers that are popularly used by fashion stores and even families, are hangers with clips. To keep the outfit eye-catching and wrinkle-free, many fashion stores choose hangers with clips on both sides instead of regular hangers.

This type of hanger uses two clamps fixed on an extremely sturdy hanging frame to help keep pants, shirts, and dresses when hung always in a straight state.

Outstanding advantages of clothes hangers with clips

Hangers with clips manufactured at ATT are made from two main materials: plastic and metal. The hook body is made from plastic so it is highly durable and extremely user-friendly. In particular, the plastic material is very light so transporting the hanger from one location to another is very simple and convenient.

Plastic hangers with clips are suitable for use in many different spaces from homes to shopping centers, hotels, fashion stores to supermarkets, etc. Not only that, this hanger model is also versatile because it can Used to hang other accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves, etc. This is a plus point that not all clothes hanger models have.

A few notes when buying clothes hangers with clips

To choose a hanger with clips that is suitable for your intended use, you need to pay attention to a few points:

– If you buy hangers with clips for high-end fashion shops or boutiques, you need to pay attention to the design. At the same time, that hanger must help hang many items neatly and for long-term use. Therefore, hangers with clips must be made from high-quality materials to both increase the value of the clothes and have a long life, helping to save money on hanger replacement costs. Avoid buying liquidation hangers because they are all old products, easily distorted or scratched, which will affect the quality of your clothes.

– If you buy hangers with clips for household use, it will be easier than at fashion stores. When choosing to buy, you should prioritize good quality hanger models to ensure the longest usage time to save costs.

Where to buy quality and cheap hangers with clips?

If you are looking for a unit that sells quality hangers, come to ATT. We are a manufacturer of general hangers and wooden hangers with clips in general for fashion stores, hotels, families,…

All products at ATT use materials that are safe for users and undergo processing using modern technology. Plus, ATT constantly updates and improves designs to help bring clothes hangers that are both beautiful and high-quality. Thanks to mass production, ATT’s hangers have extremely competitive prices. In particular, when you buy more, you will also receive attractive discounts.

Above are the advantages and notes when buying hangers with clips. For advice and a quick quote for this hanger model, please contact ATT immediately with the following information:

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