Supporting Industries Concept

Supporting Industries in English is called “Supporting Industries”.

Supporting industries refer to a concept encompassing all industrial products that support the production of primary products.

Specifically, these include components, materials, parts, packaging products, raw materials for molding, dyeing, etc., and may also include intermediate products, such as semi-finished materials.

If similar products are counted, the scope will be very broad, but adding one more characteristic will make the scope clearer: Supporting industrial products are often produced on a small scale, mainly by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Therefore, in the automotive industry, for example, components such as engines, car bodies, wheels, etc., are often not counted as supporting industries because they are primarily produced by large companies on a large scale.

In this industry, supporting industries are components, materials at lower levels supplied for the production of engine components, car bodies, etc.



Supporting industries can be divided into 3 major groups as follows:

  • Supporting industries supplying machinery, tools, and equipment for various industries, including assembly industries, processing industries, and other supporting industries.
  • Supporting industries for processing industries providing raw materials for processing industries such as textiles, leather, etc. These supporting industries do not require highly skilled labor, produce fewer types of raw materials, and have little impact on the products.
  • Supporting industries for assembly industries providing components, parts for assembly industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, etc.

These supporting industries require more skilled labor, mainly producing metal components, rubber, plastic, meeting common standards, and significantly impacting product quality (Kenichi Ohno, 2007).

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In addition to effectively creating many jobs and attracting surplus labor, supporting industries play a very important role in enhancing the competitiveness of primary industrial products and accelerating the industrialization process in both broadening and deepening directions.

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