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Mold design

“At ATT Vietnam, we have worked with their mold design department and engineering department on a number of projects. They have been and continue to be an important partner in the design and development our new products ATT Vietnam also produces Plastic injection products for our company. They are quality conscious, meet our requirements and have competitive prices for their services and products. products they offer”

Mr. PENG HONG YUN / ZhiLiang Viet Nam Co, Ltd


“We have had a great business relationship with ATT Vietnam for over 5 years and are very pleased with the quality of products they produce for us. In our commitment ATT Vietnam has proven itself to be an important partner and we are impressed by ATT Vietnam’s technical team, who have deep transfer knowledge and enthusiastic support. I have nothing to worry about when recommending ATT company as a great partner to do business with.

Mr. ZHENG / GSK Vietnam Co., Ltd

Delivery term

“ATT Vietnam has been a perfect business partner. Our customers often have urgent delivery deadlines and ATT Vietnam’s flexible response has helped us meet these customer requirements. row”

Ms. CHANTHOU / Now Vina Co., Ltd


“Customer service is excellent, the company responds 24/7 and when we have a defective product they send us another product immediately. I really appreciate the Personalized attention and quick response to our requests”

Ms. NGUYỄN THỊ NGA / Global Sourcenet Co., Ltd

Prices & Discounts

Price & Discounts”When we choose a supplier, we look for suppliers with competitive prices, discount policies and high quality productsA TT Vietnam has met our criteria and had great service”

Ms. TRẦN THỊ KHIẾU / Fullwealth International Garment Inc.,