In Vietnam today, there are many units providing clothes hangers, but when mentioning a leading company with a famous brand, it is impossible not to mention ATT Vietnam Technology Investment Joint Stock Company.

 ATT Vietnam is a reputable address specializing in providing clothes hangers for the garment industry, products with high durability, meeting quality and aesthetic standards. In addition, the company also accepts design and manufacturing according to customers’ requests.

The company is widely distributed throughout the provinces from North to South, with a variety of products to meet all customers’ needs. To better understand this leading hanger factory in the Vietnamese market, let’s learn about the content below.

 Do you know the ATT hanger brand?

 ATT is a company with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing hangers. After 10 years of establishment and development, the company officially became one of the largest hanger suppliers in the North, having built its own brand.

With a high sense of responsibility and the efforts of a team of experienced and well-trained technical staff, ATT has helped become a trusted partner of many domestic export garment customers.

Most of the company’s hanger materials are made from metal such as iron or steel, chrome-plated stainless steel or anti-oxidation electrostatic spraying, avoiding rust and mold problems. It also has high durability and flexibility, helping you hang many clothes and use it for a long time.

ATT always operates with the motto that trust is more precious than gold, so it always provides the full quantity on time as scheduled with customers, ensuring the customer’s business plan is on schedule, regardless of whether the order is large or small, all orders are attentive service.

Why choose to buy clothes hangers at ATT

Although ATT company is not the only company in the market that produces and supplies hangers, we possess many benefits and advantages that few other units have, and moreover, these benefits contribute to Meets all customer needs well, which are:

Providing large quantities of hangers: Because the company produces and designs itself, there are 2 factories available with abundant labor and available materials, so not only can we meet customers on time but also meet the needs of customers.

Reasonable price: From the advantage of direct production, the company always sells at competitive prices, helping the company gain a large group of regular customers while saving investment costs for customers.

National distribution scale: So no matter where you are, you can contact  ATT for advice and purchases.

Good construction materials: We understand the needs and usage trends of our customers, always aiming for quality products that are optimal for long-term and effective use. Therefore, we not only apply modern production methods but also import good materials to produce hangers for customers to use.

Enthusiastic and thoughtful consulting, dedicated service: With a strong staff, experienced shoes and mentality always ready to give thoughtful advice to customers, offering optimal ways to save costs and for customer.

Contact information for consulting and purchasing:

Address: Lot 32 Bai Say, Zone Cau Do 5, Ha Cau Ward, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Factory: Lot CN6, Thach That – Quoc Oai Industrial Zone, Thach That District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +84 2432 003 219

Hotline: +84 979 011 304 (Zalo/Whatsapp/Telegram)

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