The mold is crucial as it affects the casting machine and the quality of the product. Improper mold usage can result in defects in the product. And the runner system in a mold set is divided into two completely different types, depending on the purpose of use and cost optimization, we can entirely choose between hot-runner molds and cold-runner molds.

  1. Cold-runner molds : 

The “cold-runner” mold is a type of mold in which both the product and the runner can cool and solidify before they are removed from the mold. This type of mold has many variations and diverse structures, including the two-plate mold type where the product and runner can be removed from the same mold opening (parting line) and the three-plate mold type (product and runner are not removed from the same location)

This type of mold is widely used regardless of the type of plastic or product. Both the product and the runner will efficiently cool and solidify, stabilizing the heat on the mold surface. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a circuit system around the product part of the mold to adjust the resistance heating temperature.

khuôn và các loại khuôn máy ép nhựa


Advantages of Cold-runner molds:

  • Cold-runner molds have a simple structure and are easy to maintain.
  • Enable the production of multiple material types (colors) within the same mold, facilitating versatility.

Disadvantages of Cold-runner molds:

  • After processing the runner part, it requires a specific type of gate.
  • Cooling the runner part is necessary, and the cooling time can be long depending on the product requirements.

2. Hot-runner molds : 

“Hot-runner” molds maintain the temperature of the sprue and runner to keep the plastic in a molten state, allowing only the product to cool and solidify.

The runner portion is heated, keeping the plastic in a molten state to bypass the cooling time and reduce unnecessary consumption in the runner section. Therefore, there is no need to cool the runner portion, resulting in a shorter cooling time overall, especially for thin products.

khuôn và các loại khuôn máy ép nhựa


Advantages of Hot-runner molds:

  • Reduced material costs due to the elimination of the runner.
  • No need for runner processing.
  • Short cycle, cooling time.

Disadvantages of Hot-runner molds:

  • Complex structure and high cost.
  • Significant pressure loss.
  • Complex mold maintenance.
  • Material wastage can occur when the mold is not stable.
  • Not suitable for producing many small products.

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