Coat hangers are indispensable accessories for clothing stores and can be worn by brands in the fashion industry. And to increase the uniqueness of the brand, stores, companies and fashion stores all want to design and produce their own beautiful hanger models. Not only that, many industry enterprises may default to exporting but especially need hooks that meet European quality standards to create better product promotion in foreign markets.

ATT Vietnam Technology Investment Joint Stock Company with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing materials using high quality plastic, we are ready to receive orders to produce export hangers upon request, meeting Fully meets standards, guaranteed the best price in Hanoi.

Coat hanger production ensures top quality

Reasons to choose export hanger production service on request at ATT

Fashion garments have extremely diverse designs and beautiful colors. To fully display their beauty and help customers easily observe clothing samples, plastic hangers play a very important role. Not only does it help fashion items express their entire style, coat hangers are also an item that helps make the display space of stores, clothing shops, and showrooms more professional and luxurious.

But to both create aesthetics and professionalism and attract the attention of foreign customers, the quality standards of hangers must be greatly raised, not only for durability and beauty, but also for the design and brand logo. so eye-catching.

Coming to ATT’s export hanger production service upon request, customers can rest assured about the products they receive.

ATT export hanger – Quality meets European standards

Foreign markets, especially Europe, always pay special attention to product quality. Therefore, to be able to penetrate the most demanding markets, hanger products must meet international quality standards, be highly durable, use well, and not harm the user’s health or damage clothing products. shirt…

Understanding this, our ATT company has improved the hanger production process, selected the best materials, closely inspected every step of making plastic hangers from start to finish and pack. At the same time, during the implementation process, we also adhere to quality so that each product meets European standards.

ATT coat hanger – Beautifully designed, precise in every detail

Exported hanger products at ATT are committed to completely following the design, size and customer requirements. We understand that clothes hangers designed with unique and beautiful designs will contribute significantly to enhancing the value of fashion products. Customers will not only be impressed with the brand’s clothing designs, but will also feel more excited when they see the unique hangers that only that brand has.

Of course, exported hanger products cannot only have beautiful designs. Each line and detail must be exactly correct, with no excess plastic, no cracks, curves or uneven colors. And ATT can confidently ensure completion of export hangers for customers according to the above criteria.

Mass production of hangers, quickly and on time

With a team of skilled workers, modern machinery and equipment and high-precision molds, ATT is confident enough to complete customers’ hanger orders on time, meeting all quantity needs. quality, hanger design, color and product material.

Móc quần, chân váy

Best service price

Besides a quality service is a good price. Our company is proud that over the years, the price of our plastic product manufacturing services has attracted the attention of many customers from near and far. “Good prices with good service” is always the working goal of ATT. All for the motto “bring customer satisfaction”.

Enthusiastic and thoughtful advice, quick return support

Customers who come to us will definitely feel satisfied with the service right from the start. Because the company’s consultants will enthusiastically support customers from A to Z, enthusiastically answer all questions, and thoughtfully serve all related requests.

And with the reputation of a professional unit, ATT also specifically provides customers with a free return service if our products have any errors in terms of technique, quality, design, color…

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