We deliver Quality with excellence & customer satisfaction

We have been helping our client’s measure quality performance, improvise their products and adapt to the changing industry needs.

Your Trusted Technology Partners – Delivering Business Excellence

Having an innovative idea is just 50% of the formula businesses require to succeed - the remaining 50 % is –Customers Experience and Satisfaction – that is, on Quality. It’s not what you ideate, what matters most is - how you implement it and the result you deliver. Sometimes it can happen that you have built a great product with unique capabilities, and moreover low-cost – but still you don’t get the desired business your company expected. On the other hand, there might be a company whose product is just above average plus costly – but has a huge upshot and growing customers. What is the problem? Where did the first company failed? The answer is the Product. Though it may be innovative and full of unique features but it lacked – a Great User Experience – Quality; and this is what matters.

We Define Quality for Business Success

At ATT, we believe, business success is a healthy balance between an Innovative Idea and commitment toward quality. We put in our every effort to achieve this – making us the most trusted partner for Product Quality Assurance services. Our committed QA team helps deliver products and services that meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. Standing on a long experience, we have been helping our clients’ measure quality performance, improvise their products and adapt to the changing industry needs.

How We Deliver Excellence, Satisfaction and – Quality

Creating and Delivering Best-in-Class is not enough; we help clients elevate the product quality and efficiency by our Quality Assurance efforts – giving them a status of ‘Business Leaders’. Through our quality commitment expertise, we optimize the product, offering maximum value to our clients.

We Are Focused In Our Quality Assurance Efforts

  • Measuring Quality Assurance – Right From the Start

We make sure that the products quality analysis is carried out at every stage in the application or system development cycle, right from the beginning phase to the deliver. This ensures that the end product is of optimum quality and meets the customers’ expectation in terms of excellence and satisfaction.

  • Promote Quality Commitment From Within

At ATT, we believe that Quality Commitment is not just a team of QA experts involved in the validation of a product- in fact it’s a complete process that starts from within our company. We embed these quality control responsibilities and approach even for internal processes and projects. Time to time we conduct quality assessments within our organization to ensure that we are maintaining the highest possible standards of quality. So, since we have developed this habit of sticking to high quality processes and a policy at all times, it is difficult to miss our clients’ expectations in terms of quality.

  • Innovating and Improvising QA Processes Continuously

We make every effort to improve the product that is being developed or even those that have been delivered to our customers. We make sure that the knowledge and skills of our team of experts are upgraded through regular training and knowledge sharing sessions. This helps us improve as a team and deliver better results every time. Constantly upgrading ourselves on the technical and quality fronts helps us deal with the dynamically changing market. All these practices further help us keep the defect rate in our products to a minimum.

  • We Invest In Capacity

At ATT, we try to meet the expectations of our client with full capacity on charge. We have a dedicated team of resources available to work stringently 100% of the time. Our QA experts believe in over-delivering on quality front. The quality guidelines we follow, include strict adherence to delivery timelines, a quick response time to customers, and a constant reduction of the development process cycle time, and so on. All these quality control measures help us leverage the most out of our resources.