If your closet looks like the clearance rack at the local department store because you’ve amassed so many mismatched hangers, that’s a clear sign it’s time to upgrade. Ditching those flimsy things you’ve picked up over the years will give your closet a professional, organized look (without even doing any actual cleaning!). When deciding what hanger makes sense for your clothes, it’s important to consider what types of clothes you typically hang. Do you have a lot of super heavy sweats that cause traditional hangers to give and bend? Or do you save your closet space for slacks and skirts? Most of us tend to do a little of both, so it’s totally normal to buy a few types of hangers — just try to keep the color scheme similar to maintain a unified look.

From velvet to wood to material heavy enough for that wool coat, we’ve rounded up the best hangers you can buy. Getting dressed on Monday morning just got a little bit easier.